Pope Francis’ message at odds with 90’s hardcore group, Earth Crisis.


Pope Francis, leader of many, has come out in defense of both the world’s youth and the practice of non-violence.

“Francis urged followers not to be like the innkeeper who refused a room to Mary and Joseph, but to help youth and provide opportunities.

In his 2017 peace message titled Nonviolence: a Style of Politics for Peace, the Holy Father said, “When victims of violence are able to resist the temptation to retaliate, they become the most credible promoters of nonviolent peacemaking” (Malaysia Herald).

The thing is, if you were amongst the many that grew up in the age of hardcore that had abandoned the blistering youth crew tempo for a half time beat and heavy, yet harmonic guitars, and an opportunity for the lead singer to rally the crowd to their cause through a series of strategically placed fist-clenching & raising choruses.

No one capitalized on this atmosphere better than Earth Crisis, a hardcore band who delivered a message of veganism and abstinence from drugs , and did so in an aggressive manner. This subculture, the straight-edge movement, took up arms in their self-righteousness against all comers. This group, among others, incited the skinniest group of kids to believe they were invincible; hulk-like, and enjoyed carte blanche to act as goons – bullies who relished the mob mentality and environment.

This, of course, is in conflict with Francis, the Catholic Church, and people who are not jerks.

Earth Crisis, in their flagship song, “Firestorm”, calls for violence to combat violence;

“Street by street. Block by block. Taking it all back.
The youth’s immersed in poison–turn the tide
counterattack. Violence against violence, let the roundups begin.
A firestorm to purify the bane that society drowns in. No
mercy, no exceptions, a declaration of total war.
The innocents’ defense is the reason it’s waged for”.

Inflammatory rhetoric, for sure, but soaked in and lived by many, which was always evident through the violence that would transpire inside the confines of the circle at their shows.

In Matthew (26:52), after watching an ear be lopped off, Jesus says,  “Put your sword back into its sheath, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.

So we are at quite the impasse; do we follow the words of a simple vicar of a micro culture, or do we follow Pope Francis, the successor to St. Peter, along with the words of Jesus to guide us through the decision of retribution?

You have to ask yourself, can you ignore the hooks of ‘Firestorm’? I must confess, it is a compelling vehicle of persuasion.

Peace be with you.

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Pope Francis’ message at odds with 90’s hardcore group, Earth Crisis.

Make the Mass great again.


It’s hard to imagine a better time for a perceived pinko pope to be at the seat of St. Peter. In the American micro view that seems to not have the ability to see beyond the rocking chair on the porch, overlooking the lawn that possesses the blade of grass they’d draw or give blood defending, it’s not shocking to hear grumblings of returning to the pre-Vatican II days of a Latin Mass, or the good ol’ days as some like to remember.

The Latin Mass is the battle cry and the exhaustive wedge issue of traditional Catholics. It’s what the curmudgeon next to you in the pew wants to bend your ear about before he grumbles under his breath to his car to get back to defend his lawn. It’s old – it’s tired – it’s like Rick Santorum’s mission to designate English as the official language of America. It’s tired, dude – a bad look.

The issue is that traditionalist’s aren’t the problem. Actually, there’s little wrong with wanting to hear a Latin Mass. These are not the people perched atop their soap box. No, that is reserved for the radical traditionalists. These folks, who are not slight in numbers, have a vitriol for the Second Vatican Council quite in the same vein as Bill Belichick’s taste for post-game interviews. They genuinely believe Francis is the most liberal pope in history – more so than Pope John XXIII – and that guy put together a commission to study contraception… in 1963. It’s true, though, some have gone as far as suggest he’s the anti-pope. Now, I know what you’re saying – we all have that crazy family member who insists that “In Plane Sight” is proof that 9/11 was an inside job or that George W. Bush used a rocket launcher to take the buildings down and made a hologram of two planes as the greatest ruse in history. These folks are easy to discount, but there is a contingent of people with clout who steam their train.

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke who has long been at odds with Francis, is one of the leaders. Burke is more a Benedict guy – a man who has some flare for the flair while advocating for a church that had long since closed its doors. Burke has an aggressive and unwelcoming stance to homosexuality and towards women. He advocates for the family to stay away from gay family members, as they are intrinsically evil. For women, Burke has suggested that allowing altar girls is stunting the boys who would otherwise man these posts and transition to seminary. Burke concludes that this is the force majeure of radical feminism in the Catholic Church.

It’s behavior and thinking that is only solved by attrition through natural causes, I believe.

Peace be with you.

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Make the Mass great again.

You either support right to life, or you don’t

10 Commandments Exceptions.
10 Commandments Exceptions.


On Thursday, Dec 8, 2016, the United States added another notch of shame to its belt of murder. The United States, by way of Alabama this time, put to death another one of its son’s, Ronald Bert Smith Jr. It did so in a way that should envelop you in emotion – embarrassment, anger, disgust, and quite possibly, a palpable sickness. If you are a Christian, this is the only conclusion in faith.

However, in today’s America, quite a many people, “Christian’s” included, are overjoyed, or at least complacent in the killing of its people. Unfortunately,  a large contingent of these folks are under-informed or misinformed. The bedrock of their beliefs are rooted in either the slippery slope or ad hoc fallacies. Unfortunately, in a Trumpian America, this migrates over, in lieu of fact(s), to the ad hominem approach.

I don’t want to get weighted down with what seems egregiously simple to understand – God gives life and God alone takes life. It’s right there in Job 1:21. It is further supported in Luke and in Mathew. Actually, it readily available in both the Old and New Testament. If that doesn’t fancy you, it’s smack dab in the middle of those pesky commandments. Like I said, though, I don’t really want to belabor what is seemingly obvious, although let me just offer a couple of stark examples of their fallacious beliefs.

You’ve heard the expression, ‘We support the right to life’ – this is used all the time, but never when it comes to the death penalty. It is used when abortion is the issue. The off the reservation argument is that these are mutually exclusive. I’ll save you the ceremony; they’re not. You either support the right to life, or you don’t.

I’m sorry, it is that simple.

Another battle cry is of the under-informed is, ‘An eye for an eye!’ This is in conflict with the Bible, for vengeance is not yours, but God’s. Have a peek in Matthew. If that’s not enough, in a great turn of ironic bliss, and eye for an eye does appear in a great book; the Qur’an. In Surah Al-Ma’idah [5:45] “And we ordained for them therein a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and for wounds is legal retribution”. The irony, of course, is in the fact that most people who claim an eye for an eye to be amongst their wittiest of witticisms, also hold Islam to be the wickedest of the wicked; the bogeyman.

If that’s not enough, this thought is also predominantly from those that champion the small government. After that’s settled in, search through you heart of hearts and ask yourself this question;

What is  a bigger government act than state sponsored murder?

Like I said, though, I don’t really want to belabor what is seemingly obvious.

After I saw the story about the murder by the United States by way of Alabama, I was further sickened to read that the condemned, “coughed, and his upper body heaved repeatedly, for the 13 minutes as he was being sedated, and his arms appeared to move slightly after two tests were administered to determine consciousness (Chandler, Brumback, 2016). Now, I’ve read plenty where the impressively under-informed like to congregate about this disgusting behavior and over and over and once again, I hear, predictably; ‘He should suffer for what he did’. The problem is that simply is not legal. The eighth amendment does not protect only some (innocent) people from cruel and unusual punishment, no; it protects all people from it. Actually, if you really boil it down, it is in place to safeguard the guilty rather than the innocent. If the government is treating the innocent en masse, both cruel and unusually, there’s likely a coup afoot.  If we exclude the fact that capital punishment fits the bill for both cruel and unusual, we can at least come to a consensus and agree that the way in which these people are put to death, is.

The shame of a nation.

Peace be with you.

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You either support right to life, or you don’t

Cardinal Pell is being made a scapegoat, says town jester


In a time that had just seen Spotlight bring home the Oscar’s greatest trophy, George Pell offered Pope Francis a moment in time to exact the no tolerance he had championed. Cardinal Pell, at very best, was incompetent, and at his worst, complicit in the sweeping under the rug of known sexual abusers within the church.

The Pope, to his discredit, did nothing. Pell tendered his resignation, however, not as a result of a greater calling; no, because he is required to do say at the age of 75.

It’s as if Pope Francis had his captive audience and was exposed to be a fraud. It really is a shame.

Now there’s this:

George Pell and his lawyer are redacting the Cardinal’s prior mea culpa and is taking the route of shifting the blame onto the accuser, because  no one ever lost doing that. “There is not a single aspect of that evidence which establishes that Father Pell acted inappropriately in any way,” said Sam Duggan, counsel acting on behalf of Cardinal Pell, in a submission ­released yesterday. Both Pell and his lawyer suggest that claims against Pell are based solely on “surmise and conjecture”. Pell also makes the assertion that he had been made a “scapegoat”.

Pell obviously getting a big long in the tooth, forgot when he said to the Royal Commission in March, “I regret not doing more to protect children”. It’s only odd because he said this ad nauseam. He also said that the Catholic Church  had made “enormous mistakes”; a far cry from the scapegoat martyrdom he’s going with today.

George Pell is one of the more despicable men to have buttoned a cassock, and a true disservice that Pope Francis did nothing but open the Vatican doors to Pell.

Pell makes Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, the Bishop of Bling look like a man with a resolute moral compass.

Until then – peace be with you.




Cardinal Pell is being made a scapegoat, says town jester

The 3rd party :Protestant Politics

As this election cycle makes its way through its last furlong, I’ve spent some time reflecting on the events that are poised to usher us across the finish line one week from today. I won’t recount the oddities of the two frontrunners, because there simply have been too many, nor will I regale you with my belief that this cycle has set a precedent that says anyone can enjoy success, which will give rise to campaigns by Bill O’Reilly and Flavor Flav.

I really want to talk about the third party system and why it is and why it will remain an idea with a sub-mediocre ceiling potential. The problem with the third party is that it is no more than Protestantism to the two party system’s Catholicism.

Now that that’s percolated for a moment, I suppose I owe you an explanation.

Let me ask you – what is the greatest advantage Catholicism enjoys over Protestantism? Length of service; am I wrong? From the time the priest enters the sanctuary to when you’ve made your way back to your car, there may still be some heat left in it. Wait….. I didn’t say that was the only advantage, I said the greatest advantage. You don’t agree?

1.You’re wrong.

2. At least you have something to take to confession this week.

So like I said, it’s not the only advantage – Catholicism has an unrivaled history. Beyond that, there is a central structure, which if you’re like me, you enjoy. The most salient problem with Protestantism is that there are 800M denominations doing things just different enough. My biggest gripe with the workings of the non-Catholic Church is that there are announcements that take up what would be half of a Catholic service. If that’s not enough, it’s all so rowdy – the pastor calls on people endlessly who are waving their hands as if Bob Barker were inviting them to ‘come on down’. It’s unnecessary, and somewhat disrespectful to be talking about the brownie sale inside the walls of God. Either way – use a corkboard for Pete’s sake; it’s just good business.

This, of course, is the problem with the third party. They have strayed so far from their successful parent to even be taken seriously. The campaign of Jill Stein and the campaign of Gary Johnson are glaring examples of this reservation abandonment.

The centerpiece of Jill Stein’s campaign is a Green New Deal poised to reverse climate change immediately. A noble cause, sure,  but a platform it is not. Hell, it’s not even a wedge issue anymore. It’s what you yell out if you’ve started to lose the crowd and need the cheap seats to get them back.

Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party have enjoyed more success than Jill Stein and co., but that doesn’t make his candidacy any more viable.

The Libertarian model is just an awful idea. It’s strangely akin to what you would develop at the schoolyard but realized by 7th grade how unrealistic it was over a laugh or two. What’s the central message of the Libertarian Party? I mean, it’s right there in the name – liberty! Give the people the power. Sure, sounds great…. at least until people realize that under this approach, they may have to pay for things the big bad government pays for now. No street lights – you and your neighbors have to kick down to pay for one, or many. New road or existing road repair – you guessed it, time to fork it out.

The greatest mistake Gary has made, well, outside of having no idea what Aleppo is, is that he is a proponent of the free market and makes sure he gets that in there at every opportunity. Unfortunately, America, it is my solemn duty to inform you that there is no such thing as a free market – it simply does not exist. Sorry. If you disagree with me on this one:

  1. You’re wrong
  2. Look just a touch into the airline industry (gate preference, fleet development etc.) and then;
  3. Circle back to item 1

Gary Johnson and his crew also really hate regulation. They think people can regulate themselves. The problem with this, unfortunately, is that people cannot. Regulations are set in place for exactly this reason. They don’t see it that way, though, they apparently think regulation is arbitrarily assigned rather than on the back of necessity. Under this model, we would all have the same water as Flint – coal mines would care less about safety, (if that were possible), and banks would be free to bet against you to great profit, but that won’t happen; after all,  when given the opportunity to self-regulate, they would do what is best for everyone.

So, as much as you may believe a 3rd party vote is not a wasted vote; it is. That’s not to say you shouldn’t vote for one of them if they marry up to your values, but if you intend to cast a 3rd party vote because you refuse to vote for either of the leading 2 parties, you’re misplacing your anger – you should be angry that the 3rd party has drifted so far beyond the pale of relevancy.


The 3rd party :Protestant Politics

Francis’ list of letdowns growing


Has Francis’ promises of a more progressive church fallen short when the rubber needed to hit the road? In the wake of the Orlando massacre, another group believes so.

Ben Brenkert, writing for the Daily Beast, makes the suggestion that not acknowledging the victims by name and by sexual persuasion, is disingenuous and levies a charge of complicity at the feet of the seat.

“I see almost nothing in which the Church identifies the victims of the Orlando shooting as gay men and women. In this utterly heartbreaking moment, I am hurt and angered by the Church’s lack of care of the whole gay person, including the identification of the gay victims when it matters most: in their martyrdom”. “The free world demands that Pope Francis come out and name the victims of the Orlando massacre and hate crime, and identify them as homosexuals born in the image and likeness of God. Until Francis comes out in support of LGBT people during one of their most vulnerable moments he contributes to that “absurd and terrible violence” that others their community and makes them the target of any extremist with access to hate, and arms”.

While we are all born imago dei, we also possess free will. I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a rabbit hole, but it is the best explanation for why those born in the image of God, can do bad. It explains how even the most loving of people, are sinners. We can be saved, though, and with the regularity you hear Amazing Grace at funerals, there is a large buy-in for this belief.

I believe that the charge of complicity is one that is not merited and somewhat dilutes an article that echoes what I, and others have said – Pope Francis is an empty cassock. I do not personally see the overwhelming value in naming the victims by name – I don’t recall Francis using names in other acts of violence. I do, however, accept the value in acknowledging the fact that they are a part of the LGBT community.

The problem is, Mr. Brenkert is going to learn that Pope Francis has made plenty of promises – low hanging fruit promises, but simply has not plucked a single piece. It truly is unfortunate. Pope Francis was seen as the shining light; the progressive reformer – exactly what the church needed at exactly the right time. He was the man who awoke gay Catholic’s when he said, “Who am I to judge?”, a point Brenkert makes. Francis was the reason I returned to church. He is also the reason I have not been in a month.

Francis also said he would have a zero tolerance policy for those involved in the sex abuse scandal. When Cardinal George Pell gave his testimony – testimony that acknowledged his complicity in the scandal , Francis was given the lowest of  fruits to grab, but instead, watered the tree. He did nothing. This testimony was on the heels of ‘Spotlight’ winning best picture at the Oscars, offering the pontiff a great opportunity to exact his zero tolerance policy, and to do so, swiftly. Crickets. To this day, crickets.

I cannot in good faith return to pews if there is not a zero tolerance policy. What does Francis point to being our greatest treasures? Our children. I have three sons, 2 of which are preparing to begin CCD. I will not put them in it until I know that our greatest treasures are  protected. It, unfortunately, is that simple.

I guess my point for Mr. Brenkert is that no matter how low the fruit seems to be hanging, it seems clear that Francis is not going to pick it. His lack of acknowledgement is not germane to the LGBT community. His inaction is not discriminatory. It is impartial and casts a wide net. He seems comfortable being the guy who takes selfies with the kids – the guy that releases CD’s and is the toast of the town. Unfortunately for him (and us), he is moving further and further away from living as St. Francis of Assisi had, the man from which he chose his likeness.

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Francis’ list of letdowns growing

Support for Francis is waning, shows report


A recent global poll by an international internet-based market research firm shows admiration for Francis in a stark decline. Now, I know what you’re saying, doesn’t ‘international internet-based market research firm’ reek of lonely guy who lives in his parents Florida basement and relies on his lone Canadian doppelganger to validate the contention of ‘international’? Maybe. Ok, yes, but still, these are the same folks who championed him at the onset.

The pontiff’s fall from grace was the starkest, falling from 6th to 13th. Hammering his way into the 6 hole is Vladimir Putin, who likely is filly enjoying he fruits from countless shirtless photos. Francis is also not Argentine’s favorite son, reserving that superlative for soccer savant, Lionel Messi. He also is no longer the leader in the spiritual clubhouse, either – losing out to the Dali Lama.

I don’t want to belabor the point because I know what you’re thinking – “here he goes with this Pell talk again”, but that’s not it. Just kidding, it is. The selfie pope has chartered his course towards being just another empty cassock. We all knew the Catholic Church had an image problem, and Uncle Benny’s sternness emoted the rear-view appearance the church was trying to navigate away from and Francis’ all welcoming, seemingly constant smile was the dashboard. He didn’t disappoint, either; he hit the ground running – took countless photos, uh, I mean, selfies. He offered, ‘Who am I to judge?’. Things were looking up.

The problem is; the church has a  problem, and until the church handles it with satisfaction, all the bluster is no more than puffery. George Pell is the poster for an indignant church. Pell offered testimony that was damning to both him and the church and the church, given the fastball down the middle, watched it go by, and this did not go unnoticed. At some point, we are all called to the carpet and Francis might be realizing that while all the hokey things he brings table are endearing, Catholics have an expectancy of action and coming on the heels of ‘Spotlight’, Francis was expected to execute his no tolerance pledge. If Francis is looking to not be surpassed next year by Donald Trump, who came in at 18 this year, he had better do the job in which he was brought there to do.

Peace be with you.

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Support for Francis is waning, shows report