Fit for Millennials; Apatheism is a thing?


As a proud member of Generation X, it is fantastic to have a generation usurp our position on the generational whipping post. Millennials, who receive the ire from its generational predecessors, may just be getting a bum deal; victims of their youth. Their plight is one felt by every generation by their elders. “They’re lazy!” shouts the old and cantankerous man, accompanied with the clichéd closed fist of anger pointed to the stars.

Well, if Apatheism really is a thing, then grandpa may be on to something.

The cornerstone belief of the Apatheist is not that they believe or disbelieve the existence of God, it’s simply that they don’t care if God exists. This idea is something new to me, so the digestion will take a bit, but on the surface, I can at least deduce that the atheist and agnostic argument now have a new bottom rung of the credibility ladder to stand on.

There is, according to Facebook, a First Universal Church of Apatheism, which is located in Athens, Ohio. It has 87 followers and one confirmed attendant. They identify themselves as a religious organization. A recent post, looking for a Church reunion is written under the pen of ‘Ty Daddy’ and the profile picture seems to affirm their apathy.

In William Lane Craig’s, “A Reasonable Response”, he says, “Apatheism is not a truth claim and so can be neither true nor false. It asserts nothing and denies nothing. It is merely an attitude or a psychological state of indifference with respect to God’s existence”.

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I mean, take a stand, young Padawan;  Is it really too much to ask? At least wishy washy agnostics have the courage to say that they don’t know. Stop being the scourge of society.

Dr. Craig closes his comments with the following:

“I strongly suspect that the self-styled apatheist is usually just a lazy atheist. He really thinks that there is no God but just can’t be bothered to justify his viewpoint. He doesn’t care because he thinks it isn’t true”.

With that being said, I do have some empathy for their apathy, but not too much, because it appears that Gramps was right.

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Fit for Millennials; Apatheism is a thing?