Pope Francis’ message at odds with 90’s hardcore group, Earth Crisis.


Pope Francis, leader of many, has come out in defense of both the world’s youth and the practice of non-violence.

“Francis urged followers not to be like the innkeeper who refused a room to Mary and Joseph, but to help youth and provide opportunities.

In his 2017 peace message titled Nonviolence: a Style of Politics for Peace, the Holy Father said, “When victims of violence are able to resist the temptation to retaliate, they become the most credible promoters of nonviolent peacemaking” (Malaysia Herald).

The thing is, if you were amongst the many that grew up in the age of hardcore that had abandoned the blistering youth crew tempo for a half time beat and heavy, yet harmonic guitars, and an opportunity for the lead singer to rally the crowd to their cause through a series of strategically placed fist-clenching & raising choruses.

No one capitalized on this atmosphere better than Earth Crisis, a hardcore band who delivered a message of veganism and abstinence from drugs , and did so in an aggressive manner. This subculture, the straight-edge movement, took up arms in their self-righteousness against all comers. This group, among others, incited the skinniest group of kids to believe they were invincible; hulk-like, and enjoyed carte blanche to act as goons – bullies who relished the mob mentality and environment.

This, of course, is in conflict with Francis, the Catholic Church, and people who are not jerks.

Earth Crisis, in their flagship song, “Firestorm”, calls for violence to combat violence;

“Street by street. Block by block. Taking it all back.
The youth’s immersed in poison–turn the tide
counterattack. Violence against violence, let the roundups begin.
A firestorm to purify the bane that society drowns in. No
mercy, no exceptions, a declaration of total war.
The innocents’ defense is the reason it’s waged for”.

Inflammatory rhetoric, for sure, but soaked in and lived by many, which was always evident through the violence that would transpire inside the confines of the circle at their shows.

In Matthew (26:52), after watching an ear be lopped off, Jesus says,  “Put your sword back into its sheath, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.

So we are at quite the impasse; do we follow the words of a simple vicar of a micro culture, or do we follow Pope Francis, the successor to St. Peter, along with the words of Jesus to guide us through the decision of retribution?

You have to ask yourself, can you ignore the hooks of ‘Firestorm’? I must confess, it is a compelling vehicle of persuasion.

Peace be with you.

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Pope Francis’ message at odds with 90’s hardcore group, Earth Crisis.

Make the Mass great again.


It’s hard to imagine a better time for a perceived pinko pope to be at the seat of St. Peter. In the American micro view that seems to not have the ability to see beyond the rocking chair on the porch, overlooking the lawn that possesses the blade of grass they’d draw or give blood defending, it’s not shocking to hear grumblings of returning to the pre-Vatican II days of a Latin Mass, or the good ol’ days as some like to remember.

The Latin Mass is the battle cry and the exhaustive wedge issue of traditional Catholics. It’s what the curmudgeon next to you in the pew wants to bend your ear about before he grumbles under his breath to his car to get back to defend his lawn. It’s old – it’s tired – it’s like Rick Santorum’s mission to designate English as the official language of America. It’s tired, dude – a bad look.

The issue is that traditionalist’s aren’t the problem. Actually, there’s little wrong with wanting to hear a Latin Mass. These are not the people perched atop their soap box. No, that is reserved for the radical traditionalists. These folks, who are not slight in numbers, have a vitriol for the Second Vatican Council quite in the same vein as Bill Belichick’s taste for post-game interviews. They genuinely believe Francis is the most liberal pope in history – more so than Pope John XXIII – and that guy put together a commission to study contraception… in 1963. It’s true, though, some have gone as far as suggest he’s the anti-pope. Now, I know what you’re saying – we all have that crazy family member who insists that “In Plane Sight” is proof that 9/11 was an inside job or that George W. Bush used a rocket launcher to take the buildings down and made a hologram of two planes as the greatest ruse in history. These folks are easy to discount, but there is a contingent of people with clout who steam their train.

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke who has long been at odds with Francis, is one of the leaders. Burke is more a Benedict guy – a man who has some flare for the flair while advocating for a church that had long since closed its doors. Burke has an aggressive and unwelcoming stance to homosexuality and towards women. He advocates for the family to stay away from gay family members, as they are intrinsically evil. For women, Burke has suggested that allowing altar girls is stunting the boys who would otherwise man these posts and transition to seminary. Burke concludes that this is the force majeure of radical feminism in the Catholic Church.

It’s behavior and thinking that is only solved by attrition through natural causes, I believe.

Peace be with you.

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Make the Mass great again.