Cardinal Pell is being made a scapegoat, says town jester


In a time that had just seen Spotlight bring home the Oscar’s greatest trophy, George Pell offered Pope Francis a moment in time to exact the no tolerance he had championed. Cardinal Pell, at very best, was incompetent, and at his worst, complicit in the sweeping under the rug of known sexual abusers within the church.

The Pope, to his discredit, did nothing. Pell tendered his resignation, however, not as a result of a greater calling; no, because he is required to do say at the age of 75.

It’s as if Pope Francis had his captive audience and was exposed to be a fraud. It really is a shame.

Now there’s this:

George Pell and his lawyer are redacting the Cardinal’s prior mea culpa and is taking the route of shifting the blame onto the accuser, because  no one ever lost doing that. “There is not a single aspect of that evidence which establishes that Father Pell acted inappropriately in any way,” said Sam Duggan, counsel acting on behalf of Cardinal Pell, in a submission ­released yesterday. Both Pell and his lawyer suggest that claims against Pell are based solely on “surmise and conjecture”. Pell also makes the assertion that he had been made a “scapegoat”.

Pell obviously getting a big long in the tooth, forgot when he said to the Royal Commission in March, “I regret not doing more to protect children”. It’s only odd because he said this ad nauseam. He also said that the Catholic Church  had made “enormous mistakes”; a far cry from the scapegoat martyrdom he’s going with today.

George Pell is one of the more despicable men to have buttoned a cassock, and a true disservice that Pope Francis did nothing but open the Vatican doors to Pell.

Pell makes Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, the Bishop of Bling look like a man with a resolute moral compass.

Until then – peace be with you.




Cardinal Pell is being made a scapegoat, says town jester

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