More assisted suicides – the answer to reduce gun deaths, says lunatic.

10 Commandments Exceptions.
10 Commandments Exceptions.


An Ohio man, clearly still infuriated with the Brown’s handling of Johnny Manziel, has taken his letter to the editor to fancy his position to reduce gun deaths in America. His suggestion? – Shift gun deaths over to assisted suicide deaths.

This idea, if not heard before, would make Wayne LaPierre grin ear to ear. If the NRA to shift one of its salient thorns, modestly speaking, they would need to double the size of their war chest.

Speaking without anonymity, the author,  R.B. Williams of Columbus, said, ‘ If the Ohio legislators would pass “end-of-life” legislation, the number of gun deaths could have a dramatic reduction.

For the terminally ill, facing a long, lingering, painful, costly and hopeless decline to a certain end, such legislation could provide a welcome option to that of using a gun to commit suicide to avoid such a given future.

It also could also result in freeing up needed bed space and medical costs, and reduce the need for long-term care costs needed through government agencies’.

There’s a lot to love about this article, but let’s just back up for a moment.

I came to the conclusion that I cannot vehemently oppose the death penalty without opposing any unnatural forms of death. I am sure not to be alone with this question – it’s one I have the hardest time reconciling.

I watched, ‘How to Die I Oregon’, a movie that follows people through their final journey and it exposes what is inherently wrong with the dying with dignity laws – it’s an express lane to death. Sure, that sounds extreme, but really, it’s not. They do follow a women who is aggressively fighting stomach cancer and has a loving family that she refuses to quit on. She hangs on as long as she determines to be possible. She has no interest in dying. However, there are more instances in which it’s clear that the subject is in a rush to check out. The first person they follow is a man who is little more than a crank. He is surrounded by his friends in an atmosphere that could only be described as a party. As soon as the doctor prepares the elixir, he grabs it and sucks it down with a voracity that required notice. While the man was suffering, he had his faculties and he was not bed-ridden – he just wanted to die.

This is the point of alarm for me. This legislation, if left with little oversight, is a petri dish for corruption. What happens when a state runs a cost/benefit analysis and can determine the savings found if some die with dignity to be beyond nominal? What happens when the lone remaining matriarch to a hefty fortune becomes nothing more than ill? Maybe the heir-apparent wasn’t too keen on mom in the first place and is one elixir away from a retirement that includes umbrella drinks?

Don’t think that could happen? Look at Flint.

The author opens the door for this to occur, offers a more pragmatic explanation, albeit, more callous; ‘It also could also result in freeing up needed bed space and medical costs, and reduce the need for long-term care costs needed through government agencies’. What he’s saying is, if we’re running short on beds, kill the people who appear the least healthy.

While you may support this legislation, St. Paul said a lot about the dignity through suffering. In his letter to the Galatians, Paul said, “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me…who loved me and gave himself up for me”. “Far be it from me to glory except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world…Henceforth let no man trouble me, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus”.

Whether or not you share the religious position, you have to be somewhat uneasy about a poorly regulated law designed to kill its people. While it appears to be a zero-sum game when it comes to deaths, the NRA and gun lobby would boast a significant reduction in gun related deaths, however, when backed out to a macro view, through impropriety, more deaths will occur.

Peace be with you.

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More assisted suicides – the answer to reduce gun deaths, says lunatic.

Women can participate in footwashing rite – What next? Female NFL assistant coaches?


These are particularly joyous days for someone like myself and not just because it’s another dress-down Friday at the office. Pope Francis has seen fit to change the Roman Missal and allow women to participate in the foot-washing ritual, which emulates the last supper and previously only reserved for men.

It’s not that this is a huge, earth-splintering pronouncement, but that’s not to say that traditionalists aren’t lighting their torches over this news. They did in 2013 when Francis washed the feet of two girls, an Italian Catholic and a Serbian Muslim. They deemed this, ‘the final straw’. Less than a month after his election to the papacy, traditionalists were through giving Francis a fair shake. Hey, at least they gave him a chance.

I will spend some time today reading articles written in a Homer Simpson prose about how Francis is destroying the church and how he’s more an anti-pope than man of God. I will revel in the lunacy that is guaranteed to ensue. A sensationalized story is far more entertaining, I must confess, than, for example, a story littered with facts, and today will deliver a great bounty.

Enjoy your day, folks, and ladies, prepare for your holy pedicure. Welcome to the club.

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Women can participate in footwashing rite – What next? Female NFL assistant coaches?

Shameless self promotion and why we’ve been a little quiet around here


For the half of a half dozen regulars that find their way to our hallowed halls here, you’ve likely noticed that we have gone somewhat quiet around here lately. I assure you this is not due to a lack of interesting pope-centric happenings. It also isn’t entirely due to an overt rush of laziness brought on by the recent frigid airs delivered to New England as of late. It is largely due to working to get this book to print. Here’s a brief synopsis of the book which is available over at Amazon for your reading pleasure. If you choose to purchase it, please share with anyone who might be interested and offer an honest review if you feel so moved. I look forward to getting back at it over here; after all, you three deserve my best. Until then, peace be with you.

‘My Journey Back’ is a story of one man’s experience with the Catholic Church and despite endless qualifying life events that should have sparked a renewed interest in the church, including a near-death experience, it was the change in the vernacular from the seat of St. Peter that was the impetus for my return to the pews. However, this same vernacular that has returned its share behind the stained glass windows has been also been met with caution by some, and vitriol by others. Traditional and conservative Catholic’s have taken to the internet and to print to express their distaste for Pope Francis, which ranges from the tempered and reasonable to the absurd and laughable. Like their conservative brethren, liberal Catholic’s, well, liberals really, have levied a tall order against the pope – seeing him as reformer, which he is to an extent, but not to the extent that those that miss the clear distinction between what is doctrinal and what is juridical.
I have taken the time to clear up some of this distinction and to dispel some of the more fun, but absurd claims against Francis, such as him being a socialist, an anti-pope, or even a Muslim.

I offer my analysis on some of Francis’ words that have found him to be a polarizing figure beyond the pews. This includes his more inclusive, ‘Who am I to judge’ approach towards homosexuality and Laudato Si – his encyclical on the care for our common home, which sparked the ire of conservatives the world over and has affectionately assumed the moniker, ‘The climate change encyclical’.

The delivery was intended to be objective and in earnest with some humor. Unless, of course, you’re a Chicago Cubs fan. If you are, I apologize – not for the joke, but that you’ve endured endless heartbreak.

In a time of mercy, it may be critical to come to terms with the fact that while faith is important, it is just as important to maybe not take yourself that seriously at times. Be more inclusive – be humble – do good, and love one another and for Pete’s sake, if it’s been 100 years since your team has won a championship, find another.

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Shameless self promotion and why we’ve been a little quiet around here

Trump snares opportunity to flounder a speech on religion


Trump took to the podium at Liberty University yesterday to boast about his continued success as the GOP’s frontrunner for the presidency. He also took a moment to wax, somewhat less than poetically, about the direction Christianity needed to head.

He spoke erratically and was seen as somewhat underprepared for a crowd that he would have known to be qualified to sniff out a religious imposter from great distances.

Trump said, discussing the early primary voting states. “We’re going to go right through the whole group, and I think we can do something really special. And we’re going to protect Christianity. And I can say that. I don’t have to be politically correct. We’re going to protect it”.

Asked of his favorite verse, he said,

“II Corinthians, right? II Corinthians 3:17, that’s the whole ball game,” Trump said, as laughter rippled through the audience, perhaps because most Christians refer to the book as “Second Corinthians.”

Trump then read the verse: “‘Where the spirit of the Lord — right? — Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.’ And here there is Liberty College, Liberty University. But it is so true. You know, when you think, that’s really — is that the one? Is that the one you like? I think that’s the one you like because I loved it, and it’s so representative of what’s taking place. But we are going to protect Christianity.”

After his stumble, in humble fashion, just as the Bible demands, Trump got back on track and spoke about his past success and his anticipated success through the primaries.

Contrary to what the philosopher Tyson said, which was, ‘everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face’, it seems as though Trump’s plan IS to get punched in the face, because in conflict to pragmatic expectations, every time Trump stumbles, his poll numbers do not.

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Trump snares opportunity to flounder a speech on religion

“New” details emerge in ‘who am I to judgegate?’


Only a handful of months after being elected Pope, Francis tossed the Molotov cocktail that would set the tone of his pontificate, for some, still to this day. Not since the days of yore when Obamacare was pinned on a man has a single statement enveloped a reign.

After all, a lot of folks who aren’t active in the church saw this as a full throated endorsement by Pope Francis on homosexuality and a likely doctrinal shift. Unfortunately, many active member in the church saw it the same way.

Reasoned Catholics saw it as a shift in tone – a shrewd marketing play for a organization that was in deep need of one. The pews under Uncle Benny were reflective of a church that was still reeling from scandal and had dug its feet in. Francis offered a more inclusive church and was reaching out to those that felt, and for good reason, that they were not welcome. Uncle Benny said that same-sex marriage is a threat to the “future of humanity itself.”

Francis has now expounded a bit on ‘Who am I to Judge’ in an upcoming book, by saying, “On that occasion I said this: If a person is gay and seeks out the Lord and is willing, who am I to judge that person?” the pope says in the new book, The Name of God is Mercy. “I was paraphrasing by heart the Catechism of the Catholic Church where it says that these people should be treated with delicacy and not be marginalized.”

He continued:

“I prefer that homosexuals come to confession, that they stay close to the Lord, and that we pray all together,” Francis also says, in a possible reference to the Church’s historical stance that same-sex relationships are sinful. “You can advise them to pray, show goodwill, show them the way, and accompany them along it.”

With that, it is nothing more than a shift in tone, but just as with Obamacare, it’s not what the intent is, it’s how the media drives it, and just as with Obamacare, ‘Who am I to Judge’ continues to be the pinnacle statement of Francis’ papacy.

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“New” details emerge in ‘who am I to judgegate?’

Politicians should follow Pope’s lead


It’s not everyday people carry out good deeds without seeking recognition. It is never a day when politicians behave in this manner. Every politician counts a good deed done without a camera as an opportunity wasted. Every single one of them.

The pope slid out the back door of the Vatican to visit the birthplace of the nativity, availing one person of his arrival, as it was for personal prayer. He scooted back a short while later in his Ford Focus, almost without notice.

Keep your deeds of mercy secret…

Almsgiving is as foreign a concept in Washington as non-partisan. If we can look back to a day when the pope came to the hallowed halls of Congress to deliver a speech and Congressmen and justices of the Supreme Court abstained from attending and abstained from their soapbox. They couldn’t even keep their indignation to themselves, because, again, any deed without a camera or reporter tight in tow isn’t worth the time invested.

Like The Get Up Kids once sang, “Your good intentions count for little anymore”


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Politicians should follow Pope’s lead