Texas sits atop the polls as most intolerant state


Only in Texas would the irony of a protester waving an American flag, the shining beacon of freedom and tolerance be missed as it rippled through the air, being held by a protester of freedom and intolerance.

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s try to comprehend this event that had a man proudly displaying a Ted Cruz sign.

Nearly a dozen people showed up to protest, with eloquence, as they earnestly affirmed, “To stop the Islamization of America”.  Not only did they show up with their words and signs of intolerance, the came with their guns – not for intimidation, though – for protection. “They’re mostly for self-defense or protection,”  the organizer, David Wright said, eyeing his 12-gauge. “But I’m not going to lie. We do want to show force. … It would be ridiculous to protest Islam without defending ourselves.”

Sure, because that’s what’s ridiculous.

What is ridiculous is that the people of this country are now scared of everything. It wasn’t always this way, though. The greatest generation fought a war on the merit of removing a ‘leader’ who shares the same xenophobia as these protesters. I assure you, it was not always this way. African American soldier’s walked in lockstep with their white counterparts in the Vietnam War. They did so despite being treated as second class citizens at home.

It was not always this way, but it is that way now.

A friend of mine was recently shot and killed in front of his young children. It is a story that brings me great sadness to even think about.  The perpetrator of this crime was found this past week. My wife, the generous soul that she is, when she learned of my friend’s fiancé looking to escape the clutches of the press, welcomed her to our home for dinner. She spent the night to not be alone. This night as well as the following night, family members questioned the decision to allow her into our home, as it may be compromising the safety of my children. This is the paranoia that is rampant in America today.

The House of Representatives passed a bill with relative ease that  will not allow Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the U.S. 47 Democrats joined 242 Republicans to vote in the affirmative, making it clear that they are voting on the makeup of their district rather than the makeup of their person. “During his trip abroad this week, President Obama has offered a forceful defense of the program and derided Republican opponents as being scared of “widows and orphans.”

The question, which the article considers is; ‘What if the people at mosque showed up at a church on Sunday to protest, and what if they were armed?’ Would these same people protesting the mosque respect their right to assemble? Not if it were in Texas – you can’t bet your bottom dollar on that.

Peace be with you.

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Texas sits atop the polls as most intolerant state

3 thoughts on “Texas sits atop the polls as most intolerant state

  1. Obama again caught up in his lies. A European here. The refugees are not widows and orphans. 90% of them are military age men, well-dressed, well-fed, with i-phones and i-pads. And they are aggressive and riot if things do not go their way. Where do you people get your news ? I am not surprised Texans are ready to defend themselves.


      1. It is not what I suppose, my friend, but what I see. If one third of those who walk through our lands were under-age and in real need, my views would have been much more sympathetic.


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